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[BKARTS] workshops: sewanee tn

I wanted to make folks aware that there are two papermaking workshops at Shakerag (www.shakerag.org) in Sewanee, TN in June 2005. Cynthia Thompson and Helen Hiebert will be on faculty. (see descriptions below)

      Cynthia Thompson : Watermark Techniques
      June 12-17
      Course Description
      This course will introduce students to the hand papermaking medium in an intense hands-on studio environment. Various western sheet forming techniques and watermarking techniques will be covered over the course of one week. Several methods of watermarking will be investigated, explored and utilized in the creation of one accordion bound book. In addition to the artist's book, students will also create a portfolio containing several personal watermarked handmade papers, which will be editioned and exchanged among the entire class. Students will leave with one accordion bound book, several sample book bindings created from sheets pulled in class, and a portfolio of various watermarked handmade papers to be exchanged among the class.
      Level of experience: Any level - Beginner to Advanced

      Helen Hiebert: Lamps and Lanterns 

      June 19-24

      Course Description
      In this workshop, participants will create a sampling of lamps, lanterns, screens and other structures that lend themselves to illuminating paper. We'll utilize hand papermaking techniques, such as embedding wire and string to create structure within sheets of paper; designing watermarks which appear when illuminated; and creating shaped papers to fit certain lamp forms. We'll also use techniques which lend themselves to working with pre-made sheets of paper, (either handmade or purchased). We'll start with a few traditional structures, such as a wire framed lamp, and then we'll proceed to more complex structures including: a shadow lantern, composed of lightweight wooden panels which can be assembled as a lantern or screen featuring cut-outs that cast shadows onto a second layer of paper; a Chochin lantern, a collapsible Japanese-style paper lantern; and small Japanese-style lattice-work shoji screens. We'll talk about various natural and electric options for working with paper and light. Participants will have time to work on projects with the group as well as on their own creations.

      Julie Jones

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