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[BKARTS] summer conference

Information about the seventh biennial Oregon Book Arts Guild Focus
Conference,June 17-21, 2005, can be found on the web page:
Classes include:
Embellishment Extravaganza  -- Cherie Aldrich
De-mystifying Bench Skills -- Colleen Cavin
Medieval And Renaissance Tooling On Leather  -- Doug Shafer
Vegetable Book Art -- Susan Jones
Carnival Paste Papers/Box Book And Collapsible Box -- Jacqueline Wygant
Beginning Book Repair -- Patricia Edmonds
Dim Sum Clay Buffet -- Dayle Doroshow
Artistic Exploration Journal -- Doris Arndt
Ideas For Books: Thinking In Three Dimensions -- Carol Barton
Piano Hinge-- Distortions And Exaggerations -- Peggy Johnston
Mini Slide-mount Books -- Diane Downs
Computer Layout/ Design -- Patricia Grass
Clasps, Closures,  Cling-ons -- Cherie Aldrich
Polaroid Transfers  -- Christine Eagon
Papermaking -- Patsy Moreland
Artists Backgrounds --Lisa Engelbrecht
More Fun Than One -- Jessica Spring
The Unfolding Pyramid -- Dayle Doroshow
The Woven Metal Book -- Doris Arndt
Deck Of Inspiration -- Diane Downs
Metal Bookclasp Design And Construction -- Joycelyn Merchant
Woodworking For Bookmakers -- Patricia Grass
Handmade Paper-- Book Pages From Native Plants -- Susan Jones
Paper and Fabric Marbling -- Galen Berry
Recycled Self Book -- Consuelo Tolosa
Exotic Hinged Box/ Books -- Dayle Doroshow
Nag Hammadi Binding --Jana Pullman
Carousel Books -- Carol Barton
Quick Expressive Paperback Rebind With Colored Edges -- Karen Hanmer
Any And All Occasion Book -- Dolores Guffey
Introduction To Calligraphy For Non-Calligraphers -- Georgianna Greenwood
Polychromatic Screen Printing For Book Artists -- Dorothy Swendeman
Handmade Paper-- Book Covers From Native Plants -- Susan Jones
16th Century Limp Paper Binding -- Jana Pullman
Unique Handmade Cards Using Book Structures -- Dolores Guffey

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