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[BKARTS] Book of Days for February

Hello Book Arts and Letterpress Lists:

It's February. Folks in the northern parts of the US are anxious to know
whether Punxatawney Phil will see his shadow tomorrow, while here in Lake
Worth, we'll be checking with Lantana Lou. Lou's a former town councilman
in Lantana, the next town south of us, and every Second of February he goes
out for a swim in the Atlantic, then rises from the sea and proclaims
another twelve months of glorious weather is about to commence.

We do the best we can.

Anyway, for those of you who are following along, the February page of the
ongoing Convivio Book of Days is now posted to the Convivio Bookworks
website. Find it by clicking here:


Then click on "About Us," and find "Book of Days: February" in the usual
Book of Days place. We're hoping for a red-letter month here at the
Bookworks... we may just be able to announce the completion of our first
new book in {gasp!} over three years. Then again, we've been known to count
our chickens before they hatch.

John Cutrone & Seth Thompson, proprietors Convivio Bookworks Lake Worth, Florida http://www.conviviobookworks.com

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