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[BKARTS] NOTICE: Changes of email address and options

If your email account changes, or you change providers, it is your
responsibility to issue the proper commands to listserv. Brief instructions
are found in the left sidebar at <http://www.philobiblon.com>. There is
also a link there to more detailed instructions.

I will not as a matter of principle respond to blanket emails or automated
messages notifying whomever that an address has changed. Also please do not
ask me to do it for you. I will help with a change if listserv doesn't
recognize your address. Resubscription... is your responsibility. With
almost 2000 subscribers, I simply do not have the time.

If anyone has questions I will do my best to answer them.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Peter Verheyen
Listowner, Book_Arts-L

Peter D. Verheyen
Bookbinder & Conservator, PA - AIC
The Book Arts Web & Book_Arts-L Listserv

    The Bonefolder: an e-journal for the bookbinder and book artist

            For all your subscription questions, go to the
                     Book_Arts-L FAQ and Archive.

                 Both at: <http://www.philobiblon.com>

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