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Re: [BKARTS] Straightening pages

I've done this with some success, and the edges become reasonably
flattened.  I've not had problems  with the leaves blocking together,
but I suppose there is always a first time.  The books I've worked on
did not have coated paper, which is most at risk for sticking.  The
page edges may not return to perfection, but there is always

Set up a plastic box for humidifying the book slightly.  A photo tray
with a glass pane for the cover will work, or a baking dish large
enough to hold the book off the bottom.  Or a rubbermaid box with a
clip-on lid.  Pour a cup or two of water into the bottom, lay a clean
trivet or plate on the bottom to keep the book above the water, and lay
the book on the trivet.  cover the box or tray and leave it alone for
up to a day.  Instead of water, you can use a wet blotter on the tray

I usually begin checking the progress of dampness after a couple of
hours.  When I think there is enough "softening" of the paper edges
from humidity, I remove the book from the chamber and clamp it between
boards in a press, screwing the platen down as tightly as I can get it.
 Mind the shoulders, if the book is hardbound.  Leave it in the press
for at least a day; I've let it press two days, checking it midway.

You can lay blotters on the book before pressing, if you want, but I've
not always done that, since nothing becomes more than minimally
humidified and drying is really not an issue.  If the weather is
warmish, I mix the water with isopropyl (1:1 or 1:2), hoping to
forestall mold formation and take the book out sooner.

After pressing once, if there is less improvement than I'd like, I'll
do the process a second time.

Hope this helps.

Eugene, OR

On Saturday, February 5, 2005, at 09:05 AM, Lewis wrote:

Can anyone tell me if there is a way to straighten out the upper edges
some pages of a book that was dropped in the snow (though briefly)?
They are
only slightly distorted (relatively light weight paper) but they do
away from the overall look of the book. I have tried putting them under
pressure between two boards but that doesn't do very much to correct
problem and I hesitate to dampen them even slightly (with possibly
with the fear that it will worsen the problem and make them stick
as they dry. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.



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