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Re: [BKARTS] oxidizing metal

There was a discussion some time ago about oxidizing metal. I have just gone
through this and here's what happened. I went to some metal workers that I
know and they aged some brass pieces that I had made by brushing on a mix of
acid and iron powder, then rinsing in water. I think it was hydrocloric or
hydroflouric acid, but there was a language problem and I didn't understand

Secondly they brushed on (rather vigorously with a toothbrush) a solution of
potassium sulphate and then rinsing in water.

Both methods had the desired effect, but the second was much safer. The guy
who showed me did it with his bare hands. Of course, in Israel that means
nothing. People (guys!) glue their fingers together with crazy glue for fun.

Anyway, the brass looked great and matched the 16th century part very well.

Yehuda Miklaf

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