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[BKARTS] Hello - I'm glad to be back!


I have recently returned from teaching Western Book Arts for a year in China. It was an interesting experience, but it's time to move on. I'll be spending the summer in Texas with family, and plan to
go to Tucson AZ and set up my studio again in the Fall of 2005 to begin teacing and making books once more. Well, that's the current plan anyhow.

China is a very, very different place from the West. It's a difficult place to live in for Westerners because of the language and the vast differences in the culture. Even the most simple of moves becomes 
a big deal and quite complicated to effect... like mailing a letter or going to the super market. I taught in three schools during the year to very different students each time. The first school was by far the best. The accomodations were comfortable and the Foreign Affairs Office was always helpful. The other teachers were from all over the world, and it was a jolly bunch. We were able to take side trips to points of interest and cities close by almost every weekend. China has some fabulous scenery, and just for that, I'd go back to see more. I highly recommend the experience for those who like travel and adventure. Of course, teaching English is the most common way to find your place in China. There are hundreds of schools who are anxious for native English teachers. Teaching Western Book Arts was another thing entirely, and not an easy thing to explain to school administrators. The Chinese people are friendly, warm, endlessly curious and fascinating. 

I have a lot of chit-chat to catch up on in the archives, so I'd better get to it!

Patrice Baldwin

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