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[BKARTS] Consistency of Methyl Cellulose Paste

Dear all,

What is the desired consistency of prepared Methyl Cellulose glue as an
additive to PVA for box making.

I made a recipe of 3/4 cup MC powder to 500 ml distilled water heated to 190
degrees Fahrenheit (according to my meat thermometer).  I stirred the powder
into the hot water after turning off the flame.  Then after it was well
mixed I added 500 ml of cool distilled water and continued stirring for
about 30 minutes.

I poured the mixture into a clean mayo jar, sealed, and set it on the
kitchen counter to continue cooling.

This morning the mixture had the consistency of congealed apple jelly.  Is
this correct?  Do I now mix this 1/2 and 1/2 with PVA for pasting the paper
covering onto my box?

The box is .098 book board, which I glued together with 100% PVA.  My
covering is Cave paper.

I am a novice, and didn't realize the MC would be gelatinous.  Just need
some reassurance before I commit my beautiful paper to the paste.

Thank you,


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