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Re: [BKARTS] Consistency of Methyl Cellulose Paste

Gale, You're doing well!

I like to use 50/50 methcellulose/PVA, but I use a 2.5 percent
concentration of the methyl cellulose, and I think you have made up a
much thicker solution (sounds more like 8 or 10 percent). It's hard to
determine from your recipe.

Meth cell at a 2.5 percent solution is still a gel, but I would call it
 thinner than apple jelly. Maybe more like really heavy cream.... it
flows, but slowly.

Normally you weigh out the meth cel (in grams) so you know what
proportion to add to the 1,000 ml of water to get the desired consistency.

I would recommend you add one-fourth of the meth cell you have made to
twice the volume of PVA. Mix gently, but well (don't beat or introduce
too much air) and then try it out.  You can always thin down with some
water if it's too thick.

The good news is that meth cell has a good shelf life if you store it
properly. Keep your unused portion in a sterilized glass jar with a
tight fitting lid in the refrigerator, and you should not have to make
up more for several months. Just take out the portion you need next
time, and reseal the jar.

Hope this is helpful,
Ann Frellsen

Gale Flax wrote:

I made a recipe of 3/4 cup MC powder to 1000 ml distilled water

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