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Re: [BKARTS] Consistency of Methyl Cellulose Paste

On Feb 10, 2005, at 5:52 PM, Ann Frellsen wrote:

I like to use 50/50 methcellulose/PVA, but I use a 2.5 percent
concentration of the methyl cellulose, and I think you have made up a
much thicker solution (sounds more like 8 or 10 percent). It's hard to
determine from your recipe.

Meth cell at a 2.5 percent solution is still a gel, but I would call it
 thinner than apple jelly. Maybe more like really heavy cream.... it
flows, but slowly.
An additional note:
A few weeks ago, I requested a source for Dow Chemical's A4C or A15C
methyl cellulose.
That particular designation has a short molecule that can be used for
sizing --- since the molecules are short, they can penetrate the fiber
structure. Whereas, the Dow A4M is a longer molecule that can be used
as an adhesive, or an additive to PVA --- so, even when thinned down,
A4M will still have the tendency to sit on top of the fibers.
As I mentioned at that time, many of our suppliers do not provide the
information about the type of methyl cellulose that they are selling.
Therefore, a 2.5% solution of one type will be much different than
another. In other words, a 2.5% solution of A4M might have the same
appearance as a 6% solution of A15C, but when used, the results can be
completely different.
Hopefully, our suppliers will start to tell us which methyl cellulose
they are supplying, and whether it is recommended for sizing, or as an
Bill Minter

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