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Re: [BKARTS] BOOK CLOTH, NOT AGAIN!?!? and Jill Timm

Well, I will again make a suggestion concerning your favorite cloth -

1) cover your board with a light sheet of PVA. Make sure that it's a
light coat, and not globs, bubbles, or too thick. (Practice makes
perfect). Let sit for a minute, to get slightly tacky but still wet.

2) Press your cloth LIGHTLY onto the board. Don't push too hard, don't
squeegee it. Just lay it on top and press lightly to the board.

3) Now do the edges and fold around the board. You will need to practice
this, as without enough glue or pulling tight, you will end up with
bubbles, seepage through your cloth, or both. I've found it often helps
to "anchor" the edges of the cloth down against the back of the board
with a bit of PVA and paper. Use it like a seal on an envelope, to hold
down the cloth.

Usually I press the boards for a few days this way, and attach endpapers
and a spine after its thoroughly dried. Then I will attach a paper
covered spine and case in the textblock.

If you are trying to case the book in one sheet of cloth, then ignore
what I just said. Use a piece of minilla(sp?) paper, cardstock, or
bristol board, and attach the boards together using a single sheet of
paper, so that you create a sort of "webbing" where the french grooves
would go. Now, following the the above step one, cover the whole board
with cloth, and apply the cloth. Anchor the folds on the back, and
voila...you're ready to either press it overnight or apply the endpapers
and textblock. I'd recommend waiting overnight.

Again, practice makes perfect. I only wreck a couple each week.

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