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[BKARTS] Biblical Arts Museum to show James Pepper's Bible

Starting March 8, 2005,  for 6 weeks,  The Biblical Arts Museum in Dallas
Texas, will be showing 25 pages  from my illuminated Manuscript of the New
Testament and my new set of  Gospels. Since 1987 I have been making by hand an
illuminated manuscript of the  Bible and for the past 4 years I have been working
on a new set of Gospels  which are written in a different historical manuscript
style for each  chapter.  I do not use computers, it is written one page at a
time and  it is illuminated entirely by hand. Each chapter starts with a
Carpet  page and the entire chapter is decorated in the style of the time.   The
illuminations are all my own design. And there are hundreds of  drawings in the
For the Lord is worthy of our thanks and  praise!
    The show will feature a 7 page collection of Luke  chapter 23, the
Passion of Christ, which is a memorial for my friends who died  in the World Trade
Center.  The text written using a style found in the  Lindisfarne Gospels forms
the 110 floors of the World Trade Center with three  crosses representing
Calvary with two crosses placed where the planes impacted  the buildings and a
large Greek cross at the top where my friends died, to  represent Jesus.  They
were with Cantor Fitzgerald. These pages will  be displayed in an arch, the
exhibiton hall is a barrel vault.  It is a  memorial to my friends who were
killed on that day.  I will be on hand on  certain days to answer questions and to
illuminated the Bible in person.
    I started the New set of Gospels because although I  had completed the
first set with the New Testament, 9-11 changed everything, and  I knew I could
do a better job.  So I decided to do a great work, to be  inspired by the great
manuscripts of the past and honor them and learn from them  by immersing
myself into the style of the time and writing and decorating each  chapter as
would befit that scribe.  The result is a beautiful manuscript  and I have shared
the experiences of all the scribes who have written Bibles for  the past 1700

    The Biblical arts Museum can be found at:
_http://www.biblicalarts.org/_ (http://www.biblicalarts.org/)      7500 Park
Lane, Dallas Texas  75225, 214-691-4661
My website is at:
_http://hometown.aol.com/biblescribe1/biblescribe1/index.htm_ (http://hometown.aol.com/biblescribe1/biblescribe1/index.htm)
James G. Pepper
Biblical Scribe

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