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Re: [BKARTS] Exhibits and galleries to show your books?

Hi Julie Friedman --- and all on the List --

I would be interested in compiling a comprehensive, continually
updated, book arts events list if one is needed.

I feel that a free non-member based webspace and newsletter would be
the kind of archive I would look for if I was searching for
information on book art events, competitions, fairs, venues,
opportunities, jobs, commissions etc.

I can provide webspace at ncfab.org - infact, I will even have a go at
designing a few templates, and uploading them, before the end of march
2005 - we are very busy at the moment so the end of march is the best
time for us!

So, if you have information to provide (I will send out more formal
request in March) --- email this way!: paul.bettinson@xxxxxxxxx



On Sun, 13 Feb 2005 13:40:22 -0500, Chuck Basham & Julie Friedman
<charlesB@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> It is interesting to see so many book arts exhibits that Sharon
> Gilbert is in. I generally have a hard time finding shows dedicated
> to book arts to enter. Oh, there are one or 2 every few months listed
> here. And I also  subscribe to the magazine called Art Calendar. But
> it would be great to know of a place ( website, magazine, etc) which
> consistently lists venues to enter. Does anyone know if one exists?
> Can anyone suggest places to look?
> On a different note, how about compiling a list of galleries devoted
> to, or friendly to, the book arts?
> Thanks
> Julie Friedman
> Date:    Sat, 12 Feb 2005 20:13:58 GMT
> From:    "sharongilbert@xxxxxxxx" <sharongilbert@xxxxxxxx>
> Subject: Sharon Gilbert's new work on view
> Dear Friends and Colleagues,
> Please check out the feature on my work in the webzine: www.ducts.org
> Text by Cindy Moore
> My work is also in these current exhibitions:
> Bard College Fisher Arts Center
> Annandale-on-the Hudson, New York
> 2/2/05-2/26/05
> Curated by Kerry Downey
> Originally held at the Flux Factory located in Long Island City/ NYC
> from 10/9/04-10/31/04. This installation aims to challenge mass
> production and the mundane quality of the everyday coffee-table book.
> The ambition of this show is to examine the idea of the book as
> sculptural object, as narrative, as metaphor.
> www.fluxfactory.org/projects/whatthebook/index.htm
> At the Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C
> 3/31-4/5/05
> Curated by Lynn Sures
> Juried by Mark Dimunation, Chief, Rare Book & Special Collections
> Division, Library of Congress and Neal Turtell, Executive Librarian,
> National Gallery of Art, and presented in conjunction with the
> Southern Graphics Council International Conference.
> At the Phinney Center Gallery
> Seattle, WA
> 4/1/05-4/29/05
> Curated by Josh MacPhee for Seattle Print Arts
> An exhibition of Socially Engaged Printmaking.
> For further information, please contact me.
> Sharon Gilbert
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Paul Bettinson

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