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[BKARTS] Designing your own website

Hi All-
Last week I was asking about listings of galleries and exhibits for
book arts- thanks to all those who gave good suggestions.

Here is another inquiry. I am thinking about creating a website to
show my artwork but I have some questions. First, could people point
me to some really good ( in your own opinion, of course) personal
artist websites ( you can send the addresses to me off list). It can
be your own website also.It would be great to get some ideas of how
to design it.

Also, can you tell me if, in your experience, having the website has
helped you professionally. By getting more exposure, by selling your
work? What other positives ( or negatives) are there? What else can
you tell me? I'm sure there are a lot of technical things I need to
know but I have a brother who can answer most computer questions...

Thanks in advance for the advice.

Julie Friedman

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