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Re: [BKARTS] Designing your own website

OK, an opportunity for work avoidance, so I guess I'll bite.

Also, can you tell me if, in your experience, having the website has
helped you professionally. By getting more exposure, by selling your
work? What other positives ( or negatives) are there? What else can
you tell me? I'm sure there are a lot of technical things I need to
know but I have a brother who can answer most computer questions...

I'll let others decide if my web site is good or not, but I can answer the question above, ie, the positives and negatives of having one. My expense for having the web site is very minimal, just the domain registration fee (I host the site on a machine at home), so my comments are within the context of it costing me almost nothing (except for my time).

Here are the positives -- last year, when I participated in Portland
Open Studios, I had people come to my studio to see specific pieces
that they had seen on the web site, and the most expensive piece I sold
that weekend resulted from that. I was also invited to submit my work
for a gallery after someone saw my site, and that has opened a whole
new door for me.

Every month, I get a few new subscribers to Pudding, a zine that I
publish about Gocco printing. About half of the traffic to my site gets
there by doing a search for something Gocco related. Very occasionally,
I sell a book because someone saw it on my site, but not very often
(this excludes the tsunami fundraiser sale that I had). Also very
occasionally, I get queries for classes.

So, the negatives (really only one negative) -- it's a real time sink,
although I suppose it is under your control (and mine) --

1) Every browser/OS combination will display your web site differently.
Heck, people can set up their own style sheets so that regardless of
what you have specified, it can look totally different when viewed. By
the time you take these into consideration, fix all the problems you
find on various browser/OS combinations (or decide that you won't worry
about it), it will have taken you more time than you'd like. And maybe
applications like Dreamweaver deals with all that, I don't know.

2) If you keep it updated, that takes time.

3) Tracking the traffic to your site, and this isn't just a matter of
vanity, but it gives you information about how well your site is
functioning (in terms of design). For example, is there a page that
people rarely go to, why is that?  Is there a page that everyone's
looking for, and should that be more accessible? Do people seem to jump
back and forth quickly rather than lingering, why is that?

All of this takes time, and it's all strangely seductive!

I think that if you're not represented by galleries or work with
dealer(s), it's very worth it to have a web site. If you already have
all these people marketing you, then it's perhaps not that useful a

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