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Re: [BKARTS] Designing your own website


I've had my own website for about 10 years, and it has been very worth while - once it was finally set up as a catalog. I just sat down and learned HTML by the seat of my pants with some long phone calls to learned friends. I haven't kept up with the flash and fancy stuff because I'm not really interested, but I can update it pretty easily (as I have just done after a year in China with the old messages languishing on it). I find that about 20% of the income from my books comes from my website connections. Of course, the "set up" involves also spreading the word to many other appropriate sites for a link. This means a lot in terms of connections that pay off. 

Also, Shu-Ju is right in the tracking of your traffic. That fine tunes your website to be a really efficient promotion/marketing tool. TIME is the big factor IMHO. I figure I have more of it than money, so I keep plugging away.


> 3) Tracking the traffic to your site, and this isn't just a matter of
> vanity, but it gives you information about how well your site is
> functioning (in terms of design). For example, is there a page that
> people rarely go to, why is that?  Is there a page that everyone's
> looking for, and should that be more accessible? Do people seem to jump
> back and forth quickly rather than lingering, why is that?
> All of this takes time, and it's all strangely seductive!

Find what you are looking for with the Lycos Yellow Pages

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