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Re: [BKARTS] Designing your own website

hello , all.

for those who are interested in building a website, but not interested in
learning html or getting dreamweaver etc, i recommend www.bigstep.com. this is
what i use. it is a template driven server, meaning, there are templates for the
pages that you follow (very easy - multiple choice like). you can also create
your own custom pages. you do have to pay a monthly fee, based upon how many
pages you have. it is pretty easy to use, and providing you have a good design
sense, you can make something really professional looking. you can also add
html later if you want. I do recommend tho, not using them to get your domain
name. i would recommend www.godaddy.com for that (then have that transferred to

my website is more on the simple side, as I don't have the inkling to spend a
ton of time doing bells and whistles. and i would say yes, it can be
beneficial to have one as an artist. it is another way for people to not only find
you, but remember your work (and buy it!) I have gotten a few requests for quotes
on books, from people who found me from my website (i guess a random search).
 you have to remember though, once you have the website, to give it out to
people! (on business cards or whatever)

my website is <A HREF="http://www.bluettproduktions.com";>

kattalina m kazunas
bluett produktions

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