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[BKARTS] Oldways Workshop 2005, Santa, ID

Oldways Workshop 2005

Hello to fellow enthusiasts of quality materials and structures of Medieval
& Gothic books. I'm offering a two week workshop very similar to the old
Tech of the Med.Book,my wife and I co-hosted at our home, I co-taught
w/Jack Thompson here from1987-97.I call the workshop Oldways.2 days-make
bone folders,awls,knives and learn about sharpening.2days-learn to process
flax /hemp from stalks to thread and cordage to be used in a book.3
days-Oldways of papermaking  to be used in a book. 5 days-Constructing a
Medieval/Gothic(or whatever) book with wooden covers andbrass clasps. For
pictures/more info-

Contact Jim Croft at

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