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[BKARTS] book board cutter/shear

Hello Folks,

I am about to purchase a mechanical device for cutting book board. It
will not be used every day, probably light usage. I would like a J.
Jacques but that is out of the question (ie $2500  and up).

I have found the EBA/Kutrimmer line that are fine for cutting book
board to 90 point, but how thick is that - is that what 0.090 means?
is that 9mm? I never cared until now, please tell me. I regularly use
bookboard that is about 3mm thick. Thats *all* I know.

Model 2035 -- this has a 13.8" blade length - automatic clamp.  US$199
+ $0 shipping
Model 1038 -- this has a manual clamp.   US$344 + $0 shipping

The question is - would you cut bookboard and paper with this or
should I get 2 - one for each?

I estimate that I have about $1500 to play with for this. I am
proforma invoicing for a public access bb studio and will make
available all my work at some point.


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