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Re: [BKARTS] book board cutter/shear

Rob Richards wrote:
> I have found the EBA/Kutrimmer line that are fine for cutting book
> board to 90 point, but how thick is that - is that what 0.090 means?
> is that 9mm? I never cared until now, please tell me. I regularly use
> bookboard that is about 3mm thick. Thats *all* I know.
> Model 2035 -- this has a 13.8" blade length - automatic clamp.  US$199
> + $0 shipping
> Model 1038 -- this has a manual clamp.   US$344 + $0 shipping
> The question is - would you cut bookboard and paper with this or
> should I get 2 - one for each?

Hi Bob,

.092 board is about 3mm thick, so you're ok there, although it might be
hard going. Kutrimmer also makes a table model that will cut 27
1/2".It's within your budget. I used one as my only cutter for a number
of years, including doing edition binding. An advantage is that you can
cut a sheet of binder's board the short dimension rather than rough
cutting with hand shears or a knife. Saves a lot of aggravation.
You might also check with Paul Brubaker at Bindery Tools, if you haven't
already. His prices for reconditioned Jacques shears are very
reasonable. His website is www.binderytools.com.
Good luck.

Don Rash

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