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Re: [BKARTS] I have a question

Here is another approach, taken from a presentation I saw at  the Guild of
Book Workers last November:

First, be sure that the silk is perfectly flat (iron if necessary), and lay
it on a flat surface, weighted down so that it will not stretch or move.
You will apply paste to the paper elsewhere and bring it to adhere to the

With a stout paste brush, stipple paste thinly onto a piece of mylar  thick
enough to support the weight of the paste and the paper.  The mylar should
be flexible enough so that it bends easily, and it should be  larger than
the piece of paper to which you want to adhere the silk.  The paste should
be evenly distributed, but NOT brushed on (brush strokes will show) the
mylar in the size of the paper to be used.  A thin, uniform coat is what you
want, and you may have to "skim" by placing a piece of waste paper on top of
the paste, tapping down gently, and then removing the waste paper along with
the excess paste.  This is very important, a thin, uniform layer of paste is

Now, take the paper upon which you wish to mount the silk--a fine Japanese
paper is probably best, its heft according to the heft of the silk.  From
one corner, gently lay the paper down onto the thin, uniform layer of paste
on the mylar--DO NOT STRETCH.  With clean, gentle brushes, tap the paper
gently onto the paste all over so that every bit of air is chased out from
under the paper, and the paste is applied to all the lower surface of the

Now lift the mylar with the paper adhered to it.  Curling the mylar from one
corner, lift the paper gently, trying again not to stretch it, from the
mylar.  Gently lay it down onto the silk, and repeat the motions of tapping
gently with soft brushes all over to be sure the pasted paper is adhered all
over to the silk.

The same technique may be used for making bookcloth too.

Good luck.


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Mary Beth,

Cooked wheat or rice starch paste would be best.

There are many ways for this to go badly, so plan on making some
practice efforts.

If you can find a copy of Masako Koyano's book, _Japanese Scroll
Paintings: A Handbook of Mounting Techniques_, F.A.I.C., Washington, D.C.,
1979, read it over to help you understand the nature of the materials you
plan to adhere to each other.


>First of all, thanks one and all for the suggestions for bookcloth. I have
>looked into all of them.  I have another question....if I were to attach a
>piece of paper to silk to make a scroll, what kind of glue would be best?
>mary beth

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             For all your subscription questions, go to the
                      Book_Arts-L FAQ and Archive.

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