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Re: [BKARTS] inkjet printing on fabric

Since I've recently started doing some of this also, I have been reading list
suggestions with interest. A couple ofthings I have discovered: 1. Inkjet
printers (at least mine) will not print on synthetic fabric with an open weave
(e.g., organza or similar weight) - the ink just goes through the fabric, all
detail is lost and you have a stain where the ink passed through. 2. A rotary
cutter works much better for cutting the fabric, both before and after printing
(to trim off the unprinted margin, if desired). Rotary cutters don't stretch
the fabric in the direction of your cut, as xacto knives tend to, plus they cut
cleanly, leaving no dangling threads. 3. The freezer paper is working quite
well for me as a stabilizer for the fabric. Afterwards, I use iron-on,
double-sided adhesive for fabrics (Wonder Under or the like) to attach layers of
printed fabric to one another.

While I'm not concerned right now with permanence of the image (re: water),
the Bubble Jet stuff is good to know about. Thanks all you very smart people!
Barbara Harman

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