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Re: [BKARTS] Colleague in Santa Barbara to fix an embarrassing error

Silver MayKitten wrote:
i would suggest a coat of adhesive with a piece of crinoline or
nylon bobbynet burried in it with a second coat applied before
the first coat dries. After the second coat dries to the touch,
use a third coat to apply the cover.

This is pretty much what I plan to do, except I will also reinforce the spine by embedding cords into it. I may fray the ends and then paste them to the cover under endpapers. I have to experiment.

I've been hung up on the concept of making it look exactly like a trade
paperback with that perfectly smooth machine-made quality, and I lost
sight of the need to make it strong enough to handle the heavier stock.

I also think that maybe the glue had gone bad or gotten contaminated, as
I haven't had this problem before. Also, the book went from a tropical
climate to semi-desert California coastal. The change in humidity may
have been too much for the glue. I think I should have let it dry a
couple of days before sending it out within 24 hours.

I am really a not very gifted amateur when it comes to bookbinding. My
strength is in content creation and design. But getting anything bound
here in Cancun is torture. There's only one bookbinder and he lives way
out in what are politely called the colonias populares. His hours are
unpredictable at best.

Besides, I like binding books, even if I am a dolt when it comes to
getting them exactly right.

Thanks for all the help. Charles Schermerhorn in Lompoc, just up the
coast from Santa Barbara, volunteered to help me on this. What a relief.

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