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[BKARTS] Bubble-jet printing

The discussion so far has focussed on printing on fabric.

There is another dimension, though, which has not come up yet:  The solubility of printed bubble-jet material on paper and the tendency for it to bleed or smear when touched by water, accidentally or otherwise.

More sophisticated gear aside, the simple process of spraying the printed sheet with a fixatif is an inexpensive and quick way to guarantee the page's safety.  I use Krylon Acrylic Spray, which comes in either a clear or workable version (workable, meaning it can be drawn on, as with pastels, pencil, etc.) and is inexpensive enough to use liberally.  It's available at most art or craft stores, and I keep a couple of extra on hand.

Another application arose yesterday when the book-cloth of the color I chose to use for a spine-label on a newly repaired volume proved susceptible to a wet wipe - and thus, left alone, could bleed or discolor with a wet hand accidentally rubbed across it.  

After printing the label text I held it against a small piece of mat-board with my tweezers, and sprayed it with Krylon.  Now it's safe and accident proof.

Charles Schermerhorn
The New Leaf Bookbindery
Lompoc, CA

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