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[BKARTS] gold leaf question

Don Rash wrote:
>Did you pre-treat the leather (pastewash or thin gelatin) before tooling?

Yes, I paste washed with thin wheat paste.  I have been using a shellac based glaire for the last year, and would now like to switch to egg white.  The egg white seems to take forever to dry, so perhaps I am putting it on too thick. How do you put it on and how long does it take to dry for you?  I put one coat on & it took 45 min, then the next coat another 45. I am using two coats because calf is porous, right??  

Thanks for the help so far, everybody!  I have turned out books acceptable to customers, it is just that the gold seems very fragile, and I want better quality.

In a related question - what is the best finish to use over calf & genuine gold leaf?  Some finishes take the gold right off. I'd like to protect it somehow, but not dull the shine...

Carole Vanderhoof
Lonely Pine Bindery

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