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Re: [BKARTS] gold leaf question

A caveat: I'm not nearly the finisher I'd like. That being said...

>Carole Vanderhoof wrote:
> Yes, I paste washed with thin wheat paste.
Good.Do you add any vinegar to the pastewash?

>I have been using a shellac based glaire for the last year, and would
now like to switch to egg white.  The egg >white seems to take forever
to dry, so perhaps I am putting it on too thick.
Are you using a particular recipe for your egg glaire? And as Doug said,
it needs to be whipped, sit overnight and then strained.

> How do you put it on and how long does it take to dry for you?  I put one coat on & it took 45 min, then the
>next coat another 45. I am using two coats because calf is porous, right??
This may be a significant part of your problem. Egg glaire should be
tooled while still tacky. Then there are two approaches to the actual
tooling: first, glaire the entire panel, lay leaf on and tool through
it; or, blind tool first, paint the glaire into the impressions with a
small brush, pick up the gold on your tool and go back into the
Did you have the same sort of problem when you were using shellac glaire?

Don Rash

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