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Re: [BKARTS] gold leaf question

It's interesting to see everyone's opinions on this. There are many ways to
do it. Who uses vaseline, or if oil, what kind? Here are some old timers'
methods you might find useful:

The section on Finishing in William F. Matthews _Bookbinding_, pp 187-230
making, application and tooling with glaire, both full panel and
"pencilling in" with a fine brush.

James B. Nicholson in _A Manual of the Art of Bookbinding_, particularly
pp. 214-230.

The section on Finishing in Bernard Middleton's _A History of English Craft
Bookbinding Technique_.

Chapters X and XI of W. B. Pearce's _Practical Bookbinding_.

Chapters 18,  Tools for Decoration,  and 19, Decoration, in Laurence Town's
_Bookbinding by Hand_.

Chapter 7 on Finishing in Arthur Johnson's _Manual of Bookbinding_.

and Zaehnsdorf, Cockerell, ....


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