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[BKARTS] gold leaf question

Doug asked:
>Are you preparing your eggwhite glair by whipping the whites and then
allowing the liquid to settle out overnight?

Yes, I do that, then add a little vinegar (per John Mitchell's book) and let it sit another day before using.

Don asked:
>Did you have the same sort of problem when you were using shellac glaire?

Yes, but not as consistently.  But Don, thanks for the tip on using egg white tacky...I think I am over drying it. (I am putting glaire all over the spine, then tooling.  No blind tooling first.  I had no luck at all when I put glair into blind tooled impressions.)

Wes Baker thank you for your long response.  I am printing it out and taking it to the bindery this afternoon - I'll get back to the list tomorrow on how it goes.  I think I have been, as Wes says, working too dry. The bindery is a cinder block wall away from an enormous wood burning furnace, too!

Carole Vanderhoof
Lonely Pine Bindery

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