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[BKARTS] Color laser printing on fabric

I have also had great luck with this and with inkjet heat transfers. You can
get transfers for color lasers from Dharma Trading, they are very nice to
deal with and have a lot of interesting things from a textile/dye/fabric
point of view. They sell the color copier and inkjet transfer paper in
quantity so it brings the price down.You have to see if you can get your
local copy shop to put it thru their machine-some will and some won¹t.

Their website is 


Search for transfers for all the things they carry. Good luck!


Miriam Schaer


>...color laser printer to print or transfer an image to fabric
>....Has anyone tried this...

I've used t-shirt transfers made off a Canon color copier and applied them
to both fabric and paper. The carrier of the toner on the finished transfer
is TOUGH and creates a very "handle friendly" book if used for book cloth.
When adhering to paper, a dry mount press is best as the inevitable uneven
heat from a household iron can make the paper cockle unless you're working
pretty small.

I've never seen the same transfers available for home color laser printers -
just inkjet available locally.

with best wishes,
Roberta Lavadour
Mission Creek Press / Pendleton, Oregon

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