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Re: [BKARTS] Color laser printing on fabric

Other than T-shirt transfers with inkjet printing which leaves a stiff handle
to the fabric, (and I'm not sure if it is fade proof) there are two ways I
know of.  One is sublimation printing, which requires polyester fabric, or
fabric with a high polyester content - unless you don't mind the print being pale.
We have used it recently on polyester for clothing through a local fabric
printer.  The process involves a digital image that is printed on to special
paper via the computer and purpose printer, then heat transferred on to the fabric
with a press.  It requires specialist machinery and inks.

Sublimation printing can also be used on metal or ceramics with a special
plastic coated surface.  Although the metal is commonly used for drink coasters,
it could  make an interesting book cover, and a local jeweller uses it for

The other is also a digital print, transferred on to pre-treated fabric with
fibre reactive dyes (industry standard and extremely colour fast on natural
fibre).  There is a print shop in Sydney, Australia called Longina Phillips
Designs which does international orders.  They print on polyester, canvas and
natural fibres.  Their process for printing on polyester involves disperse dyes -
colourfast but a different method than sublimation printing.  Although the
printshop is set up for printing promotional banners, larger scale artworks and
fabric lengths, they also do short runs.

South Australia

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