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[BKARTS] fading of inkjet printed fabric

I have been using this bubble jet treated silk with paper backing
ordered from Dharma Trading and very happy with the result. The color
becomes less saturated after the first wash due to the removal of extra
dye (I use Canon S800 dye based inkjet printer). The only concern I
have is color fading in the long term. Has anyone found any study on
this problem?
Also I am interested to know if anyone who owns inkjet  printers with
permanent ink (pigment base) has tried this technique. How is the
It seems to me this becomes a question for textile people. According to
my knowledge, they (textile people) replace cardrige ink with dye,
after printing, the fabric has to be steamed. However, it is still a
mystery to me.
Any information will be appreciated.

peng peng wang

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