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Re: [BKARTS] why fold on the grain?

I'm not convinced of the "simply don't do it" argument about folding across
the grain.  It brings out the rebel in me, and in many binders.  Like all
binding processes, our decisions should proceed from an understanding of the
consequences of our choices.

I think there are some very good reasons not to, such as:
- as mentioned, folding across the grain means folding the individual paper
fibres.  They don't fold very well, tending to spring back, fold in crooked
lines, or break and weaken over time.
- because paper swells when wet, and contracts when dry, unevenly depending
on grain direction, any moisture on the spine of a cross-grained book will
cause the pages to cockle.  Then, as the adhesives dry, the spine dries in a
slightly expanded state, and those wrinkles affect page turning and lie
forever.  I know.  I've done it.

For a picture of such a bind, see:

HOWEVER, sometimes it's bind cross-grained or not bind at all.  Publishers
don't always follow grain direction these days, so rebinds are sometimes
cross-grained of necessity, for instance.  Some of the problems, such as
paper cockle, can be minimised by keeping the bind as close to bone-dry as
possible.  Others, such as folding problems, have to be winced at and and
lived with.

(I'm currently doing a deliberately evil binding for a charity project, and
the first decision I made was, of course, to bind it cross-grained.  But I
wasn't lavish enough with moisture while making the spine, and there are
barely any wrinkles on the pages.  My bad.  Cutting the book block a good
degree off-square should make up for that.  The upper corners are noticeably
acute; it hurts to read.)

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