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Re: [BKARTS] why fold on the grain?

why fold on the grain?
(for all the other reasons already mentioned, and)
because your book, whether a glued spine or not, will look better and
open well, feel "happy" to be opened and will open easily.  one more
element of its existence will be "transparent", if you will - one
less thing noticed that will interfere with the enjoyment of the
binding, the content... the pleasure of the book as itself.

there are many many commercially printed books that are printed
cross-grain - to save money. Imnsho, a false economy on so many
levels - you can see a wobble in the pages near the spine from where
the glue meets the paper and the book is harder to open. you can feel
a kind of complaint as you try to pry apart the covers; the complaint
worsens or slackens depending on the binding, but the complaint
remains present. i've actually heard some old books, printed cross
grain, *creak* when opened.

essentially, it is what it is, and pardon the terrible pun: it goes
against the grain to bind cross grain.

(all that said, there are some japanese papers, handmade, of very
very high quality, where the grain is not so perceptible because of
how the papers are made. These ones are excellent to experiment with,
particularly as it is SO hard to determine in which direction the
grain goes...  and make fine accordion books... !)

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