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Re: [BKARTS] how about folding 45 deg to the grain?

The primary reason grain can be a problem in a book is that one
edge is held fast by thread and/or adhesive, while the rest of
the sheet of paper can expand & contract in response to changes
in relative humidity.

I haven't made the structure you're describing, but my thought is
that unless you've used one of the cross-grain edges for attachment
to the book, the folds shouldn't be a major problem.

In time, with use, the cross-grain folds will become soft and that
is where I would expect the first splits to occur.

However, by making all folds at a 45 deg. angle you'll be splitting
the difference and I would expect all folds to deteriorate at the
same rate.

You could consider using a synthetic paper, or something like Tyvek.


>I should have been more clear in my question about folding at 45 deg --
>I'm not making a box structure, but it's more like a ballooned up
>envelope, ie, it's an envelope with some room in the middle for storage;
>not sure if there's a technical term for that. So the envelope will be
>opened and closed multiple times, and each of the 4 sides will unbend
>and rebend each time the envelope is opened and closed.
>So in a situation like that, what are the implications of choosing to
>fold all 4 sides at 45 deg vs. 2 against/2 with the grain?

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