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Re: [BKARTS] rolls of paper and grain


It can't be.

In the making of paper by mechanical means the pulp, slurry, is forced onto a
moving screen. The screen drops away and the paper after several other
possible processes, including drying, is curled into a roll.

Think of the grain as the fibers of the paper, which if fact it is. Those
fibers align with the direction and flow of the slurry. Visually and also
physically it is very much like throwing a popsicle stick into a stream: the stick
will not float downstream sideways, it turns lengthwise in the direction of the

Paper flows the same way.

If you were to try and balance a sheet of paper on your fingertip it will not
stand. If you carry that sheet of paper from its corner between your fingers
it will flow downward much like the water which it once was largely comprised.
Think of paper as a flow of water that has been temporarily stilled and you
will stop trying to shovel against its tide.

Carry a sheet of paper like carrying a waterfall and it will not crimp in
your hand. Tear paper as if you were a surfer on a board and it will carry you
along with it. Fold paper with the grain and your book will flow with ease.
Reduction of stress in the book will give it life and a longer life to boot.

I try first to relieve the stress of fighting the grain inside myself when
first handling materials.

Leonard Seastone
The Tideline Press

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