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[BKARTS] simple repair question

One of my employers has asked me to repair a book she
plans to give her son at his graduation.  Although I
told her that my training is in bookbinding and not in
conservation or repair, she still wants me to do this!
 And to put this project on the "fast track" no less.

The book has little monetary value (it was appraised
at $8), but lots of sentimental value as it belonged
to this young man's grandfather.  It is a leather
bound edition of one of Elbert Hubbard's Little

The problem:  the first signature has split apart,
exposing the mull.

(It also appears that a tip-in was once there as well,
but I don't think they're as concerned about that as
they are with lessening any further damage to the
book.  And for that matter, all four corners on the
covers are  "smooshed" towards the textblock. . . .)

Is there a way that a novice such as myself could
repair the signature without removing the entire
textblock from the spine and covers? I thought I could
make a hinge with mulberry paper, but the gap that's
been exposed is the width of a signature.

Any and all suggestions will be much appreciated!


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