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Re: [BKARTS] linen and cotton comments

Thank you for the info.

I searched for waxed linen thread in Europe (on the internet), but I
can't find it. Even not in Ireland. I can only find it on US websites. I
wonder why? If someone knows a store based in Europe, I would like to

I would love to try waxed linen thread, but I use 100% cotton thread
instead now. (I'm not a pro, I don't make books for a living.)

The Netherlands

http://boekkunst.tussenpozen.com - My BookArts Gallery (just made my
first caterpillar!)

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> Subject: Re: linen and cotton comments
> Linen has very good tensile strength, which is not the same
> as folding strength.  It's fibers are very much longer than
> those of 100% cotton.
> Carol
> Eugene, OR
> On Saturday, February 26, 2005, at 01:13  PM, Patricia Grass wrote:
> > In all the classes I have taken and all the books I have
> read, I have
> > never seen it recommended that we sew books together with cotton
> > thread. If cotton
> > fibers are less "breakable" than linen fibers why do we sew
> with linen
> > rather
> > than cotton. What characteristic of linen makes it better
> to sew with.
> > Patricia Grass

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