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Re: [BKARTS] Inkjet printers

I prefer the paper handling in the Epson line, and in general prefer inkjet
to laser printers. A lot depends on what you will print on, how long it has
to last, how fast you need to do it, your budget and space.. If you want to
print large sheets of permanent photographic quality and have $1,800,  get
an Epson 4000. It can produce amazing results on paper 17" wide. Andrew
Hoyem of The Arion Press used this for the large and beautiful prints in a
recent publication he was showing at the Oak Knoll BookFest. If you are
folding and sewing book pages you may need this size. It uses their
Ultrachrome pigment inks, the same as the larger 7000 and 9000 series (as
soes the 13" wide 2200). There is a review update at

Also check out their review of the 2200, which uses 7 inks and costs under
$700 at

My personal favorite for everyday printing is the Epson C84, which cost $79
at Staples with 4 full ink cartridges. It's fast. The print quality is
gorgeous, actually amazing for a 4-color machine, on a wide variety of
papers at 5220 dpi.  It uses 4 separate cartridges of their Durabrite inks,
which are fairly waterproof and moderately "permanent." They say 80 years
in normal exhibition conditions (framed behind glass) but I expect longer
inside of a book. Remember what Groucho said.

It may have been discontinued, but there are similar models out there.

I also use an Epson 2000P, which was the first pigment based archival
desktop photo quality printer (13" wide). It makes beautiful prints very
slowly and is particular about what paper it uses. The inks are claimed to
be 200 year archival.

I still use my old Epson 1520, which uses the old non-waterproof,
non-archival dye-based inks, but takes a 17" wide sheet and produces good
color on a wide range of papers. It's fast, and great for larger posters,
banners, etc. that are temporary, and for book pages where moisture and
light are kept from the image.

The 13" wide HP I got recently has feeding problems with some papers. I can
put almost anything through my Epsons, including paper fed deckle-edge
forward. If you get the  larger ones like the 2200 or 4000 they have a
straight through paper path for printing on media up to 1.3 mm thick.


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