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Re: [BKARTS] Inkjet printers

I second Richard Minsky's comments on the Epson Stylus C84 (now it's C86)
printer, with one caveat: keep the box and the receipt. It is quite
possible that you will be getting a replacement before the warranty has

I had a C84 which simply quit emitting ink; when I looked around the
Internet for information, I found that this is not uncommon -- something
about a loss of vacuum, I think. There's even an exploded view of the
printer online, and instructions on how to repair it, but buying a new one
for $79 made more sense than hours of trying to repair the old one.

Even though it's not a durable printer, it's so good in every other way
that it's worth buying again and again.


Beth Lee
Tallahasee, Florida

e-mail:  callibeth@xxxxxxxxxxx
website:  mywebpages.comcast.net/callibeth

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<< My personal favorite for everyday printing is the Epson C84,
<< which cost $79
<< at Staples with 4 full ink cartridges. It's fast. The print
<< quality is
<< gorgeous, actually amazing for a 4-color machine, on a wide
<< variety of
<< papers at 5220 dpi.  It uses 4 separate cartridges of their
<< Durabrite inks,
<< which are fairly waterproof and moderately "permanent." They
<< say 80 years
<< in normal exhibition conditions (framed behind glass) but I
<< expect longer
<< inside of a book. Remember what Groucho said.
<< It may have been discontinued, but there are similar models
<< out there.

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