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[BKARTS] On this paper grain thing

On this paper grain thing:

You should just do this so you can see what will happen. Note this in the
colophon so your reputation will remain intact.
One of the things that tends to distract me in teaching is when a student
desires to break a "cardinal" rule of a process. Usually NO amount of discussion
will derail that course of action or impulse so it must be done to gain some
understanding. Once the explosion occurs or the sauce fails, the lights
sometimes come on.

It is one of the habits of bookbinding I insist be followed because it works
better. But try it   the other way and really observe the results. Take notes,
make models and fiddle with them. Look at trade books and see how they change
with societal impact.

Roger Powell once showed me two books that appeared to be identical--except
one was grain correct and the other was not. It was a dramatic and powerful
example of a simple principal. It would be a good thing to make a pair of books
to demonstrate the point.

I cannot soften this- In the long run if the book or object matters, do it
correctly. It is a precept of good craft.

Livin' on a cloud.....T.ELY

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