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Re: [BKARTS] simple repair question

On Feb 27, 2005, at 12:22 AM, Charles Schermerhorn wrote:

Bookfinders.com and find a replacement that will be intact.
It will be much less expensive than a repair, you will have it sooner,
it will do the job.

From: "Laurel Zastrow" <laurel4corey@xxxxxxxxx>
The book has little monetary value (it was appraised
at $8), but lots of sentimental value as it belonged
to this young man's grandfather. .........

Charles, I respect a client's "sentimental value", and it doesn't matter if the book has any monetary value. If the client is willing to pay for my time, I am willing to do the work. I would suggest (without seeing the book, and as you have suggested) that a simple repair might be with Japanese paper and wheat paste. And the corners can be injected with a little paste and reshaped. Good Luck. Bill Minter

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