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[BKARTS] relatively urgent question

hi all -

i'm repairing an old Oxford university press medical text, which was
sewn on tapes, the tapes glued inside the covers and covered with
mull, then covered in paper. typically, with a heavy book block and
50 yrs of use, this book had split away from its boards and ripped
its linen covers at the hinges.

in repairing the book, i had to resew as the bookblock was falling
apart, too - repairs of the initial sections would not hold. i did
this on new tapes, with linen thread. all turned out well. commercial
tape was used; probably cotton-polyester; however, i do not know its
exact composition.  this stage turned out exactly as planned. Happy
spine ready to fit into boards.

the inside of the spine was repaired with leather strips to reattach
the detatched boards to the spine, the whole covered in a layer of
cotton paper (small size adjustment - the spine turned out to be a
smidge smaller than the original). all good so far - everything fits.

ready to glue tapes to insides of boards.

They WILL NOT stick. i'm using PVA glue. I tried another glue as well
- a low acid pva variation which is much more readily water soluble.
Neither work.

i'm considering re-thinking the hinges - cutting off the remainders
of the tapes and making a paper pocket (souflet) to glue the spine to
the cover's spine.  Before i do, however, i'd love to know if anyone
has any suggestions or has run into this problem before? i've used
this tape before, but always lacing into the boards, which of course
doesn't present much of a problem in terms of whether the tapes stick
or not as they're embedded...

urgent? dunno - frustrating, for sure.

any suggestions most welcome...


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