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[BKARTS] Inkjet printer

Dear Everyone who responded to my query on updating my digital printing needs,  thank you.  As usual, I counted on your generosity in sharing.   There are such abundant choices out there, and your input from personal experiences really helped narrow the field.  I think I have pretty made up my mind what I need, a separate scanner with slide/transparence adapter, a monochrome laser and the Epson 2200.  If I understand correctly, the epson 2200 also allows the use of heavy weight fine art paper, as the 4000.  Though it would be nice to have the extra width, (actually perfect for a half sheet of print and watercolor paper), the extra weight, size, and cash outlay more than outweight that advantage.  Then just as I was beginning to put in my orders, I realize that since i am going to be here for only three more weeks before going to California for two months, I should really wait till I get back in order not to waste the warranties, and really keep my focus on what I need to get done before I leave.

Last night I dreamed that I ordered the printer, and I was given a used volvo for free.  I will definitely pass on the name of the vender when I figure out who it is.  By the way, here is a list of activities I will be involved in the next few months.  If you are in the area, would love to see you.  Thanks again!

A Multiplicity of Vision
CSU Dominguez Hill University Art Gallery

Carson, CA . 310/243-3334

February 3 to March 8, 2005 

Reception Feb. 3, 2005 6-8


La Madre Poderosa 

The Harwood Museum of Art

Taos, New Mexico . 505/758-9820

March 11 to June 12, 2005 

Reception March 11, 5-7


One Person Show

Belvedere-Tiburon Library

Tiburon, CA . 415/789-2665

March 29 to April 24, 2005 

Reception March 29, 7-9


One Person Show
Thomas Hall Gallery

Sausalito Presbyterian Church

Sausalito, CA . 451/332-5790

April 3 to 25, 2005

Reception April 3, 11-2


Marin County Open Studios

ICB 315 480 Gate 5 Road

Sausalito, CA . cell 505/776-3606

May 7 & 8, 10-6


Corrales Bosque Gallery

Corrales, NM . 505/898-7203

May 13 to Aug 9, 2005

Reception May 13, 5-8


Harwood Museum of Art

Taos, NM . 505/758-9820

August 6, 2005  2 p.m.

El Prado, NM / Sausalito, CA

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