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Re: [BKARTS] Inkjet printer

Thanks Christian.  In my grand plan, I do not see making huge editions of
anything.  I have always been a one-of-a-kind image/object maker.  I am just
now thinking of making a small limited edition of hand-made artist's books,
where I need to have a consistency in the image.  I generally believe the
ability to do should follow the vision.  So when my needs should change, I
will make the necessary changes.  Besides, I think my Ettan etching press
will be very jealous of another behemoth machine (with lights, toboot) vying
for my attention.

Best, Mimi
El Prado, NM / Sausalito, CA

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One thing to consider about the 4000 is the ink capacity.  The ink
cartridges are much larger than the 2200 and thus cost less money over the
long run than the 2200.  My teacher recently got his 4000 and compared it
to his 2200 and estimates that he will have made up close to the
difference in cost in ink cost savings in one year.  This is all based on
how much you print though, if this is a once a month, 4 page thing, then
run with the 2200 and you can always buy roll paper for it.  If it's going
to be a significant number of print jobs, definitely consider the 4000.

Also, the 4000 comes with a bunch of free extras, one of which is a RIP
which isn't that bad.

You are definitely right to stay with Epson though as their inks provide
the longest permanance out of any printer.


P.S. YOu could always spend 35k on a IXIA, formerly known as Iris
printing :)


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