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A few years ago I inherited a large collection of early 19th Century women's
fiction. Mostly popular fiction of the day. It's been sorted through and the
interesting stuff pulled out. What I'm left with are so many unsortable
books that I've decided the only way to deal with them was to sort them by
their covers. Almost all these books have the embossed covers of the day
look. The pretty ones have printed paper covers pasted down on the covers,
or embossed and colored pictures, vines, faces, etc. Some of them are very
cool. The cool piles all have neat stuff on the spines as well. The majority
do not have dustjackets. So I have boxes of red books, green books, and blue
books. I also have a few boxes of books that had fancier covers to them that
I've pulled aside. These books are all for sale very cheap. If you have any
burning desire to have a 5 foot shelf of red books (etc) let me know.

At this point, these are little more than fodder or I would never encourage
someone to alter a book. But here's your chance to do it. Create your own
Humument. A buck or two apiece and shipping gets you a box. Minimum order
one box. Inquiries welcome.

Stern & Faye Printers
37607 Cape Horn Road
Sedro-Woolley, WA 98284

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