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Re: [BKARTS] linen tapes: tensile strength vs. fold durability

This question is important, but, so far as commerce is concerned
we are a very small market, so I do not expect that any company
will leap into the breach.

So, every few years I grow a small plot of flax, process it, and
make my own thread.

If I'm rebacking a pre-1800 book, I prefer using paper case paper
in lieu of leather, because I believe it will last longer than any
of the bookbinding leathers we have available to us today.

Parchment?  If it is important, I use parchment I've made from
deer or goatskin; likewise, alum-tawed skin.

So far as linen tapes are concerned, they should be alright.  After
all, how often is a book opened?

Just a thought,


>Amy and Patricia,
>Both of you have asked some very good questions, many of which I and a
>few of our colleagues have been asking for years. Unfortunately, there
>has been very little research into our use of linen versus the possible
>use of cotton. We have some information from textile conservators, such
>as Olivia Primanis and I have learned. At the same time, we can do some
>simple, grass-roots testing, but we really need someone to research the
>various aspects of both fibers.


>There are many factors to consider and it is my hope that a major
>institution will look into the various aspects of both linen and cotton
>fibers, as a sewing thread, as a sewing support, and as a fabric for
>hinges and for covering -- maybe someday?
>Bill Minter

Thompson Conservation Lab.
7549 N. Fenwick
Portland, Oregon  97217



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