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Re: [BKARTS] Hot melt equipment

All things being equal, and the operators of both lines
exercising the best skills of their crafts, the paper being the
same and the consumables of the highest quality, both bindings
are aproximately equal in quality. HOWEVER. A sewn binding will
generally hold up better in the children's section of a

We always maintain the highest standards for all our text
books. But there is the currency factor, especially in dealing
with history, social studies and science books. These titles
generally have a shelf life of three to five years since they
will not be used as long as say an English book. Books with a
shorter shelf life will generally be adhesive bound, while
books with longer life expectancy will invarably be sewn

The books we produce are for group 5, (gifted and talented,)
and group 6 (profoundly gifted and talented,) students and
therefore are produced in much smaller quantities than group 1
books. ("Normal" students.)

Sometimes we are asked to produce as few as six bound books of
a title for a specific class, then a semester later the same
title will be reprinted with significant changes because of
changes in the subject matter. This is especially true of fast
moving technologies such as computer science and astronomy.
This calls for a specialized bindry section for short run while
we also have a medium volume bindery with a twelve gathering
station saddle stitch line that runs 4,000 an hour, a thirty
gathering station nine clamp perfect bindery line running 2700
an hour and a sewn binding line with a 36 station gathering
machine, four automated sewing machines and a Kolbus automatic
casemaking and casing-in line running about 3000 books an hour.

We are capable of printing book covers using a variety of
technologies including silk screen and foil blocking, but we
also use ink jet printing to produce shorter run covers that
need high decoration; but we also print book cover cloth by
offset for longer run titles.

All in all, this kind of specialty printing and binding calls
for a great deal of ingenuity and skill on the parts of all the
craftsmen involved.


--- Jules Siegel <siegel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Silver MayKitten wrote:
> > If the binding machine doesn't appropriately roughen the
> spine
> > before applying the adhesive, this can be true.
> But as I understand it, adhesive-bound books, properly
> manufactured, are
> about as durable as sewn books. Is that true?
> > I have to admit that my situation is publishing specialty
> text
> > books for the 3YO preschool through grade 12 market and
> runs
> > are as small as half a dozen copies (Produced by a
> Doccutek,)
> > to 20,000 copys produced by offset or belt press.
>  From my days as a publicist for Sterling (where I handled
> the first
> commercial American edition of the Guinness Book of World
> Records),
> children's text books, like library editions, are usually
> designed to
> higher standards than most trade books. Is that the case with
> your bindings?
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