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Re: [BKARTS] why fold on the grain?

I can think of several reasons to format the book "wrong" grain. And
I'm not even smart.
But to do it only for your convenience is simply putting the horse
before the cart.
Think about this: grain is not a fixed attribute. Can you imagine a
situation where a stiffer opening is more desirable? If not you need
to rethink what a book is.
And what ever happened to an adhesive free binding?
It is not that "wrong" grain generates "problems", it is simply that
we fail to see those problems as the opportunities they are. Best,

I always save my large "wrong grained" pieces of paper for when my mother in law wants a photo album. She doesn't understand what I do, she doesn't care what I do, and she says it is "lovely, just lovely," even though she is really gritting her teeth and wishing that her son had married a nice Catholic girl who would rather be belching out babies than binding books. So yeah, cockles be darned...



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