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[BKARTS] hot melt vs. double-fan

Here's my 0.02 cents, which doesn't trade very strongly in this
market due to newbieness, Jules:

I'd favor shelling out $400 for the double-fan press from Talas over
a hot-melt binder any day. The hot melt glues just aren't as flexible
as the PVA and I think age much worse than PVA. And frankly, after
having dealt with removing failed hot melt from bindings in the
school collection that I'm working on, I'd much rather be doing
repairs to a PVA adhesive, as I can  soften it up and remove it with
a methyl cellulose poultice.

I work in limited home space as well (my half of the dinky, crammed
study, the kitchen, the dining room table, and my nipping press is in
the living room). I've done double-fan bindings just by clamping the
textblock between my knees and fanning it. Not the best solution, but
I work with what I've got.


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