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Re: [BKARTS] Any experience with wide format Epsons?

The large format printers are fantastic and I'm holding out to buy one
until they release the new models.  The present a great deal of plusses
over their smaller counterparts, mainly the ink cost.

While it's a larger inital investment up front, they last far longer over
time and will undoubtably be made up if you do enough printing.

I'll get another resource for color profiling for you tonight as I do not
have it here with me, but they are great and utilize a greytag mcbeth
system that, if desired, can create profiles based on different viewing
conditions (a.k.a Lighting Conditions).

The large format printers are also just great to use for large gang
printing and larger runs.  Having the option for roll paper from 24" and
up just makes sense when you do a great deal of printing.

The 4000 incorporates some newer printing technologies, but essentially,
there is little difference in going from the 2200 to the 10600 in terms of
print quality.  They use the same inks and similar heads.  The dot pattern
being barely noticable is more due to using an matte paper than anything
else.  I would suspect if you use a glossy paper, the dots would be more

If you can swing the cash, they are most definitely the way to go.  The
canned printing software for the 7600 is generally fine provided you do
your profiling correctly.  The 4000, as stated below, needs a rip to do
over 44".


> I love my Epson 4000. It replaces my 1280 (with pigment inks and a
> continuous ink system), which replaced my 3000, which replaced my 1520.
> The dot pattern is barely visible even with a loupe, it feeds nicely
> (especially once I learned to bypass some of its paper handling
> ?features?), the 110 or 220 ml cartridges are economical. I have seen
> 3rd party pigmented ink cartridges available at greater savings, but I
> have not tried them.
> I got some custom profiles (software) written by Inkjet Mall/Cone
> Editions to match the ink to the papers I use most (Mohawk Superfine
> cover and Hahnemuhle Photo Rag) and using the profiles I can get
> accurate color, including very close to a neutral gray printing
> grayscale images with the color inks.
> I have not purchased it yet, but with the Colorburst RIP, this printer
> will print longer than the 44? limit that is standard with Epson
> desktop printers.
> One problem with the printer: it will not print on paper smaller than 8
> 1/2 x 11. The savings on ink may compensate for the wasted paper, I?m
> not sure.
> Try Digitalartsupplies.com for good prices on inks and paper.
> Karen
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> Karen Hanmer
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